Free Day and Made it Home

Pictures from top to bottom: A view from the Ramparts Walk (walking the top of the old city wall), a view from inside the underground tunnel identified as Hezekiah’s tunnel, stone with writing helping identify tunnel from Hezekiah’s time, tunnel walkers after getting out of tunnel, and a local Jewish market.  Our last day in… Continue reading Free Day and Made it Home

Final Day of Guided Tour in Israel

Pictures from top to bottom. Garden of Gethsemane area, St. Peter’s church, Church of the Holy Seplulchre & The Garden Tomb.  We began our day with a private devotional and prayer time in the Garden of Gethsemane area. This is Garden where Jesus prayed for The Father to remove the cup of wrath. It was… Continue reading Final Day of Guided Tour in Israel

Israel Tour Day 6 Finding History and Identity

Pictures from top to bottom Panoramic view from Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa (A road very important to Catholic & Orthodox pilgrimages), tunnels along the western wall that allow you to the wall that existed in the time of Jesus, and Katherin from our dig site time finding history that we will mention below.  One… Continue reading Israel Tour Day 6 Finding History and Identity

Cathy Washburn at Caesarea Maritima

 I should say first that I had an overwhelming sense of God’s love and generosity today as we sat in the amphitheater at Caesarea and heard how Cornelius was called by God and how Peter was also called by God to deliver Jesus’ message of acceptance redemption and forgiveness to Cornelius. I realized that just… Continue reading Cathy Washburn at Caesarea Maritima